So you’ve decided on Kubernetes as your container orchestration platform of choice and started the process to roll it out in the organization. But do you know how to effectively configure, deploy, run and maintain an entire continuous delivery stack as containers in Kubernetes?

In this webinar Sam Brown and Gavin Mead, solutions architects at Oteemo, demonstrate our proven Cloud-Native Continuous Delivery approach that takes advantage of open-source tooling, and Kubernetes scalability, to build and deploy cloud-native applications. This webinar will highlight our opinionated, yet flexible approach to integrating all the common continuous delivery tools – that you’re most likely already familiar with – to create a fast, secure and predictable continuous delivery solution for containers on Kubernetes.

A few of the specific topics that we demonstrate in this webinar include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Codified example build pipelines with quality ensured at all stages.
  • Git branching workflows that empower developers to discover issues early.
  • Utilizing “GitOps” to ensure Kubernetes cluster and source repository parity.
  • Shift-left security including secure coding checks, dependency scanning and image vulnerability scanning BEFORE deployment(s).
  • Scalable build workers providing on-demand pipeline execution with no queueing.
  • Scalable selenium testing utilizing in-cluster selenium hub.

You will leave this webinar with a better understanding of how Kubernetes and Oteemo’s approach to Continuous Delivery in a cloud-native way can help accelerate your journey to container adoption.

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